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What's In Your Water?

Municipal Water
municipal water

Although city water has reached its way across much of Long Island, many people are concerned with the quality of its town’s water supply. Long Island’s municipal water supplies are still drawn from wells, then neutralized and treated using chlorine to sanitize and distribute. Many people find city water to resemble pool water in odor and taste. This chlorine can be removed easily through whole-house Carbon Filtration.

Although town water is also routinely tested, trace levels of nitrates are also frequently present making the drinking water is not safe for infants. The only approved method of removing nitrates is through Reverse Osmosis filtration.

Well Water

Groundwater differs drastically throughout the water table. You could drill your well into an iron pocket and experience tremendous staining, then re-drill and move the well 50 feet away and find no traces of iron. The only issue that is fairly consistent across Long Island is the pH level; almost all of Long Island’s groundwater is acidic. Other problems may arise in agricultural or industrial areas, where traces of chemical contaminants may be present in the groundwater.


To learn about options for comprehensive water tests, see our sister company, Goldman Water Testing. You can also learn important facts about wells in New York State here

well water

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