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Why Choose Mermaid?

Man and Woman Owners

Our roots are here and we are dedicated to this community. We are passionate and committed to providing you with the best possible water filtration services and testing in a thoroughly environmentally sound manner.


We have the utmost respect for our local small businesses on Long Island and are honored to join this group of hard-working families. If you have concerns about potable water, our door is always open.

Gregory Nissen and Amanda Clark

Owners of Mermaid Water Solutions

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"I felt so at ease throughout the entire process. Mermaid Water Solutions didn’t rely on scare tactics or pushy sales. They simply helped me understand what I needed and why I needed it.”

Jessica F.

“GNS Mermaid Water Systems is a very reputable company. The owner himself came to our home and explained all of the services they provide and the benefits and costs. They did exactly what we had been told would be done, and they did it to perfection.”

John K.

“The water tastes great and is crystal clear. They made the process a breeze. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing any water improvement system in their home.”

Ben J.

Plumber Fixing Pipe
Whole House filtration system

Our Process and Products

Your system is assembled for you and your specific application.  You are not paying for a “marketing campaign” for internet filtration systems.  You are getting a quality system and equipment that can be worked on, repaired, and serviced for decades to come.


Mermaid is a large enough company that we can be picky.  We don’t purchase pre-assembled units from suppliers with no-name media inside the vessels.  We get the best materials, at the best price in volume and get you the best finished product. 


The installation is the icing on the cake.  Your system will be installed using traditional L copper and lead free solider.  You will have a proper bypass built into your copper plumbing. By using copper the water flow rate through the filter will be as much as possible. We know the world loves PEX plumbing and in some cases, it's necessary, but in most cases we use copper and brass high-quality fittings from Canada. 


Why do we still use copper plumbing and take the time to solider?

1)      Copper is antimicrobial in nature. 

2)      The inner diameter of L copper is bigger than PEX – best flow!

3)      Every few years another class action lawsuit about PEX is announced

4)      Copper grounds the filters to the water main

5)      Your home is not the place to experiment with local water conditions and new materials


“Our systems are of the highest quality and best value.”

Our Story

When it comes to water filtration companies and solutions, there’s plenty of options out there. We don’t use scare tactics or try to sell you the most expensive equipment. We’ve been in the water solution business for over 30 years and firmly believe the best approach is to work with you to understand the real issues, leveraging the science of water filtration testing and products, while educating you about your options.


Mermaid is unique in that we have direct access to proprietary testing through our sister company, Goldman Water Testing. We leverage this data to help build a customized, accurate system for you and your home. Nothing more and nothing less.


We believe in quality products and building long term relationships. We exclusively use American made products, copper piping and the best filtration media on the market. Our team of highly trained professionals will be there for you every step of the way. From a complimentary initial consultation, to reliable appointments, installations and follow-ups, Mermaid has you covered for all of your water needs.

Plumber installing filter

Our Commitment

Office Manager on phone

We are dedicated to providing the most dependable water treatment systems available, with a tailored approach best suited to your individual needs and budget. We are always there to help educate you, so that you can make the best and most informed choice for your needs.


Every installation includes regular service reminders. We provide one of the most compressive warranties in the industry. And you can rest assured that any work will be performed by a highly trained and qualified technician.


As a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), we are vigilant in our commitment to the latest advances in water treatment technology and are bound by a strict code of business ethics. A claim that can only be made by the most honest, determined, and forward-thinking treatment companies.

Meet The Team

Our Trusted Vendors

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Find out what's really in your water.

Because the quality of your water matters.

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