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Municipal Water Filters


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UV Light





Cold Water

Filter Systems


Materials Used: Cation Exchange Resin and Solar Salt

Softener Chart
Service Frequency

Every 6 Months

If you're noticing white stains on your fixtures and shower tiles, it's likely due to calcium build-up from hard water. This issue affects both municipal and well water sources. Fortunately, addressing this cosmetic concern is straightforward with our self cleaning, two part system. Ensuring your water remains soft and free from residue!


Softening your water offers numerous benefits for your home, as well as your skin and hair. Hard water is a common problem, prompting major detergent and household product companies to include synthetic softening chemicals in their products to combat the challenges posed by hard water. Beyond cosmetic issues, hard water can also accumulate in your home's plumbing and appliances, significantly reducing their efficiency and lifespan.


Call us today to see how a Mermaid Water Softener could be the solution you need to enjoy soft and residue-free water.

Find out what's really in your water.

Because the quality of your water matters.

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